Set of 2 - 8" x 10" Canvas Wraps European Photos

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This is a set of 2 pictures which look wonderful together on a wall. The one on the left is in Bruges Belgium, on the side of a canal, and the one on the right is "the smallest store in Amsterdam" It is a high building, but back in ancient time taxes were assessed by the width of the building, so they built up instead of making it wider. Both are beautiful locations,  and I love the Pop of Red to give it energy. The one on the right, is a tea shop and it would make a unique gift for a tea drinker! The 2 pictures are packaged in separate Acid Free Bags which means you could give gifts to 1 person or 2 people. The package saves you 20% over buying them individually 

SIZE: Each picture is 8 inches X 10 inches high and 3/4” deep.

THINGS TO KNOW: The photograph is printed onto canvas and varnished with a UV protection then stretched around a wooden stretcher bar. The picture wraps around the bar Gallery Wrap style, no frame is needed. To hang the picture, put 2 nails in the wall, and rest the frame on the nails. I do everything from start to finish on all my products.

GOOD TO KNOW: The photograph is varnished with UV protection and you can hang it in sunny rooms, and it won't fade, and it is protected in rooms with moisture such as a bathroom. My pictures go well together in sets, a lot have similar tones to make mix and match easier.