Bridge Over a Venice Canal -Yellow Stucco

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Venice was magical, another "I'd go back in a heartbeat" place. We stayed in a local apartment, and so we felt like natives, not tourists., and I could get out and get photos at prime times. The colours of the turquoise water and the yellow stucco, along with the ancient bridge allowed me to create some wonderful photos. I wait until the morning is just below the level of the house tops.  The sun hasn't warmed the air so you get glossy waters, no ripples to disturb the reflections.

SIZE:  This photo printed on Canvas is 11 x 14" and  3/4” deep

THINGS TO KNOW: This photograph is printed onto canvas and varnished with a UV protection then stretched around a wooden stretcher bar. The picture wraps around the bar Gallery Wrap style, no frame is needed. To hang the picture, put 2 nails in the wall, and rest the frame on the nails. I do everything from start to finish on all my products.

GOOD TO KNOW: The photograph is varnished with UV protection and you can hang it in sunny rooms, and it won’t fade, and it is protected in rooms with moisture such as a bathroom.