I have been a Travel Photographer since 2000, selling my photography at shows around Ontario since 2004.  You may have seen me at Handmade Market, at One of a Kind Show, at Windsor Art in the Park, Artfest in the Distillery District in Toronto, plus many more over the years.   It has been a good mix,  my husband Michel and I travelled to distant places, I processed and printed my photographs, and then had the delight of talking to people who were interested to hear my stories. 

This makes a huge difference in the life of a photographer, as you get immediate feedback as to what works and what doesn't.  It inspires me because it gives me new ideas, some of my best sellers have come about from client requests for custom work.

I do everything from start to finish, taking the photo, processing it, printing onto canvas, varnishing with UV protection and the selling at shows. We have travelled to 6 out of 7 continents, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, Australia/New Zealand, and Antarctica.

I can do custom sizing up to 40 inches x 60 inches on canvas.  What I am displaying is only part of my portfolio, if there is something you have seen in a previous show that you liked, contact me and I can put it up on the store for you to see. The work I am displaying here focuses on the Old Walled  Towns in France and Italy, and some new ones from Bruges, Ghent and Delft. 

                         Thanks for visiting my shop, I really appreciate it!


Shirley Brigden 

At work, spraying varnish on a 40”x60" photograph, custom order.  Photo Scene is in Bruges Belgium. Here I am stretching a large canvas 

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